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International Students

Learn Online with us

As the respective governments are doing their best to control the Coronavirus situation, you can still get the same Singapore quality education online with us. We are kickstarting the courses online to give you a head-start in your learning while you still in your own country.


Interactive real-time online classes

Classes are conducted real-time with our lecturers for an interactive, engaging experience.


What if I’m currently not in Singapore

Even if you are currently not located in Singapore, you will be able to enrol and attend the online classes first. EAIM will apply the student passes for our international students once the Singapore government lifts the travel restrictions. For Singapore students, you can attend our online classes until the school reopens for classes on campus.


Comprehensive online student portal

Every student will have access to their individual student portal, Learning Management System where there will be notes from lecturers and class recordings for your revision.


What happens when Singapore schools reopen?

When schools reopen in Singapore, local students will be required to continue the classes on campus. For international students, we will apply the student pass for you once travel restrictions are lifted so that you can continue your studies in Singapore.

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Student Pass Application

for international students who have received an Offer from East Asia Institute of Management for the program applied, the next step is to apply to Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for a student pass to study in Singapore .

Students are expected to complete the acceptance form, standard student contract and submit them along with the following documents:


Procedure and Documentations

  • 2 completed copies of Form 16 and V36. This is available under 'Immigration Forms' section on the download page.  
  • Birth Certificate. (Notarized and translated)  
  • Highest Level of Education Certificate and Transcript. (Notarized and translated)  
  • Copy of Applicant's IC and Passport.  
  • Employment Letters of Applicant's Parents. (Printed on companies' letterhead, stating the designation, salary and duration of work with the company)  
  • Bank Deposit Statement, Minimum of S$150,000RMB. (Notarized and translated)  
  • Applicant's Study Plan in English.  
  • 6 Recent Photographs.  

Upon receipt of the full documents, EAIM will proceed to submit your application for a student pass to ICA .

As soon as the school receives the outcome of your application from ICA , we will inform you accordingly.

Full payment is to be made before the school can issue the relevant documents for your collection of student pass. for applicants from visa required countries, full payment is to be made before we can collect the entry visa to be sent to you to enter Singapore .



Application Form

Download the Application Form

“ Each application received is considered on its own merits, taking into account educational, professional and personal experience. All applicants for admission to a course offered by EAIM must be at least 17 years of age at the time of application (except for English and Foundation programs, where minimum is 15 years of age.) Any false statement or inaccuracies made in a student's application for entry to EAIM may result in that student being required to leave the school. Each application for admission will go through 7 stages, which includes a two-week waiting period of approval from Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The time taken depends on the cooperation of the student in providing the full documents and payment.”

Student Services

As a one-stop centre for students, please contact the Student Service Centre (SSC) if you have any enquiries regarding the below:

• Orientation & Accommodation
• ICA / EAIM Pass
• Re-enrolment
• University Matriculation
• Application for Course Withdrawal, Deferment, and Transfer
• Submission of Documents
• Application for Course Change and Examinations
• Request for Certification
• Student Notification and Update of Student Particulars
• Course Information

All students may approach SSC for counselling on any concerns or for assistance in resolving personal problems as well. All discussions will be kept private and confidential.

+65 63517874



For any feedback and complaints, please contact us at complaints@eaim.edu.sg.


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