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Living in Singapore

Welcome to East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM)

AT EAIM, we are committed to nurture and groom our students to be career-ready, and has been doing so for the past 30 years.

Our Holistic Education Approach is built on 4 pillars: Industry-relevant Curriculum, Academic Achievement with Practical Orientation, Personal Enrichment & Career Development, and lastly, Innovate & Challenge View Points.

We know that choosing a school to study at is a major decision for both students and parents. This is why we want to offer our help to guide you and your children in making a choice that encompasses their interests, and their future career opportunities.


1. Student Life

We are committed to provide a wholesome education environment for our students. Besides classes, there will be extracurricular activities such as ToastMaster’s Club, and annual events such as the Sports’s Day.

The diverse student community and the interaction between students of different programs will enrich their learning and their understanding of multi-cultural interpersonal relationships.

The Student Office offers students a personalised service with matters regarding immigration, accommodation and other services as required.


2. Living in Singapore

Singapore is a tropical country with a population of 5.7 million, which is sunny all year round with seasonal rains. It’s multi-racial with Chinese being the majority, followed by Malays, Indians and other races. Over the years, Singapore has achieved racial harmony, which gives you an interesting perspective of religious landmarks co-existing together.

The public transport system network consists of trains (MRT), buses and cabs, which are easily accessible. Each neighbourhood in Singapore is self-sufficient in such a way that residents in the neighbourhood will not have to travel out far for necessities and other things. Shopping centres with cinemas, and other entertainments are also easily available islandwide. The cost of living in Singapore is estimated at approximately SGD650 - SGD950 for room rental, and averagely SGD10-15 per meal.


3. Personal Safety

Singapore is one of the safest countries with low crime rates, and the majority in Singapore feel safe to walk alone at night. In our campus, there are security cameras in place, as well as security staff at the entrance to ensure the safety of our students.

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