Agent Name Agreement Status Contract Start Date Contract Expiry Date Countries of Recruitment
1 AEC Global Business Inc Active 30-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
2 Amber Education Holding Limited Active 27-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 China
3 Avery Pte Ltd Active 29-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
4 Axed Consultancy Holding Limited Active 13-Dec-23 31-Dec-24 Singapore
5 Earth Wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Active 29-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
6 JJL International Education Exchange Promotion Ltd Active 31-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
7 PHOENIS STAR INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. Active 9-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 Singapore
8 RESIN & POLYMERIC TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Active 14-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 China
9 Rizhao Lei Beier Business Ltd Active 31-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
10 Shanghai Jinsangui Education Technology Co., Ltd Active 30-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 China
11 SINGAPORE DCPAY HOLDING PTE. LTD. Active 24-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 Singapore
12 Starlight League Pte. Ltd. Active 27-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 Singapore
13 START MEDIA PTE. LTD. Active 29-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
14 Tsingda Yade Education Technology (Beijing) Co, Ltd Active 20-Dec-23 31-Dec-24 China
15 Unitive International Education Services Active 30-Nov-23 31-Dec-24 Singapore
17 WANG BO PTE LTD Active 18-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
18 Xuanwu District Bo Xiaoya study abroad consulting studio Active 16-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
19 Zhejiang Zhongshuo Education Technology Co., Ltd Active 17-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
20 Global Growth Educational Consultancy Myanmar Active 22-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 Myanmar
21 EFIRSTPOWER PTE. LTD. Active 23-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 Singapore
22 TIANMU(SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Active 26-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 Singapore
23 BEIJING JENO EDUCATION PTE LTD Active 26-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 Singapore
24 Xi'an Bee Study Educational Service Institution Active 29-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
25 Wuhan Cambridge Education Consultant & Services Co. Ltd. Active 29-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
26 NEW NANYANG CONSULTANCY PTE. LTD. Active 30-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China
27 HOMESTAY UNION PTE.LTD. Active 31-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 Singapore
28 EV STAR INTERNATIONAL PTE.LTD. Active 31-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 Singapore
28 Jiangxi Yinghao Furui Education Group Co., LTD Active 31-Jan-24 31-Dec-24 China

Last Updated on 31/01/2024

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