Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Chinese)

Programme Introduction

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Chinese) programme is designed to equip students with relevant knowledge and skills to understand the role of management in the private and public sector enterprises.

Students will gain a solid foundation in management studies in areas such as Managerial Accounting, Management Information Systems with FinTech Applications, Financial Management, Research Methods, Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2, Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management and Human Resource and Cross-Cultural Management.

Programme Objective

• To develop students intellectual capabilities of interpretation and analysis; critical evaluation; selection and synthesis; reasoned argument; research and problem solving skills.

• To analyse the business management environment and adopt innovative approaches to the development of business management.

• To understand business management problems, select and apply appropriate methodologies and devise solutions to these problems.

• To understand the importance of technology in the business environment.


1. Managerial Accounting

This module aims to allow learners who work in or want to work in accounting environments where they will be required to use management accounting techniques which contribute to effective decision making and control. This module covers inventory management, short-term decision making, accounting for overheads, budgetary planning and control, working capital management, standard costing and variances, costing methods, long-term decision making and management information systems.

Study Mode & Duration: 
Full-time: 9 months
Part-time: 9 months
Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct
One month prior to intake dates
Average Teacher-Student Ratio

1:150 (Classroom based lecture) 1:50 (Workgroup session)


Each module is assessed by academic work comprising written assignments, case study reports, essays, examination as determined by the subject profile. The assessment criterion varies from module to module and level to level.


Graduation Requirement

• Must passed all modules

• Must achieve an overall attendance of 90% (International Student) and 75% (Local Student)

Minimum Age Requirement: 17 years (at the time of application)

Academic Requirement:
EAIM Diploma in Business Management (Chinese) or equivalent
Chinese Proficiency Requirement:
Pass in Chinese language at A- level or equivalent

Application Procedure
You may apply to EAIM either by visiting EAIM Balestier Campus
mail your application to East Asia Institute of Management,  9 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329975
International students
Course Fee
S$ 11,560
Admin Fee
S$ 1,000
Application Fee
S$ 540
S$ 13,100


Local students (Full-Time)
Course Fee
S$ 6,580
Admin Fee
S$ 500
Application Fee
S$ 150
S$ 7,230


Local students (Part-Time)
Course Fee
S$ 5,350
Admin Fee
S$ 500
Application Fee
S$ 150
S$ 6,000
- The Application Fee is a one-time payment and is non-refundable.
- The Administration Fee includes STP fee, FPS Insurance, medical insurance, etc.
- All prices are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 9%.
- All prices are effective for intakes from Jan 2024.
- Start of class is subjected to minimum class size of 10 achieved.
- Other miscellaneous fees may apply. (Please click here for more information.)

Generally the curriculums for all levels are taught over 4 terms of 12 weeks. Modules are conducted in formal instructor-led classroom sessions where students are introduced to the course discipline. Each term will cover 2-3 modules with 54 contact hours per module. Lectures are 3-hour sessions and Tutorial 3-hour sessions weekly.

 2023 Quarter 1
3 Jan 2023 -  07 Apr 2023 
 2023 Quarter 2
24 Apr 2023 - 30 Jun 2023 
 2023 Quarter 3
17 Jul 2023 - 22 Sep 2023 
2023 Quarter 4
09 Oct 2023 - 22 Dec 2023
BM2020C Organisational Behaviour BM2030C Operations Management BM2040C Human Resource and Cross-Cultural Management BM2020C Organisational Behaviour
BM2010C Managerial Accounting BM2021C Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2 BM2120C Management Information Systems with FinTech Applications BM2010C Managerial Accounting
BM2090C Research Methods BM2260C Financial Management

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