Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Programme Introduction

The Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management offers students practical knowledge in the hospitality, attractions and tourism industry, as well as to develop their work skills.

Students will gain foundation knowledge in areas such as Destination Management, Revenue Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1, Service Industry and Leadership, Accommodation Management, and Culture and Cuisine. 

Upon completion of the Diploma programme, students will be able to progress to Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master programmes.

Programme Objective

  • To equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills, so that they can be effective and immediate contributors to the industry.
  • To develop students with a functional understanding of the roles and responsibilities of key operational departments in the organisation.
  • To cultivate problem-solving skills, improve communication ability and work effectively as individuals as well in teams


1. Revenue Management

This module aims to equip students with the skills to identify and exploit opportunities for revenue and operational optimization in the hospitality industry. Students will explore the application of sales and marketing techniques and how it can impact the revenue goals of the hotel. Strategies like effective management of electronic channel distribution, sales and marketing structure, pricing, and forecasting models that will impact profitability throughout the various forms of accommodation.

Study Mode & Duration: 
Full-time: 6 months
Part-time: 6 months
Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct
One month prior to intake dates
Average Teacher-Student Ratio

1:49 (Classroom based lecture during Covid -19)
1:150 (Classroom based lecture)
1:300 (Blended-mode lecture)
1:50 (Workgroup session)

*The program is a face-to-face program, in view of Covid-19 and travel/border restriction, the program is delivered face to face or on blended mode in Singapore.

Each module is assessed by academic work comprising written assignments, case study reports, essays, examination as determined by the subject profile. The assessment criterion varies from module to module and level to level.

Graduation Requirement

• Must passed all modules

• Must achieve an overall attendance of 90% (International Student) and 75% (Local Student)

Minimum Age Requirement: 16 years (at the time of application)

Academic Requirement:
2 GCE A-Level
EAIM Foundation Programme
LCCI Diploma Level 3
12-Year High School Graduates
English Proficiency Requirement:
Minimum EAIM ETEDP Level 1 / IELTS 5.0 / GCE O-Level C6 (For mature students who do not meet the above minimum academic entry requirements but have prior learning or work experience in the relevant fields, please contact EAIM for consultation.)
Application Procedure
You may apply to EAIM either by visiting EAIM Balestier Campus
mail your application to East Asia Institute of Management,  9 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329975
International students  
Tuition Fees
S$ 10,800
Assessment Fee
S$ 1,400
Application Fee
S$ 540
Administration Fee
S$ 1,000
Material Fee
S$ 600
S$ 14,340
Singaporean / PR  
Tuition Fees
S$ 6,600
Assessment Fees
S$ 800
Application Fee
S$ 150
Administration Fee
S$ 800
Material Fee
S$ 600
S$ 8,950
Medical Insurance Waived
FPS Insurance or Escrow Bank Charge Waived
Other miscelleneous fees may apply ( Please click here  for more information)  
Application and Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.
All prices are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 8%.
All prices are effective for intakes from Dec 2021.
Start of class is subjected to minimum class size achieved.

The curriculum is taught over 4 terms of 12 weeks each. Modules are conducted in formal instructor-led classrooms sessions. Each term will cover 3 modules with 6 contact hours per module; Lecture is a 3-hour session and Tutorial is a 3-hour session per week.


2022 Term 1 2022 Term 2
HT1054 Culture and Cuisine HT1013 Revenue Management
HT1040 Service Industry and Leadership HT1033 Accommodation Management
HT1021 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1 HT1083 Destination Management

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