East Asia Institute of Management prepared a Dumpling Feast for the students and staff in EAIM Campus. EAIM Principal and Executive Chairman, Dr Andrew Chua presented red packets to students which symbolized good wishes and good luck for the coming year.



EAIM staff personally cooked the dumplings for the students, served them with special sauces with the taste of hometown flavour.



Because the shape of dumplings is like ingots, people eat dumplings in the Spring Festival which sound like "attracting treasure". Wrapped with all kinds of auspicious and festive things in the stuffing, it expressed people's good wishes for the new year.



It is extremely important for Chinese to celebrate the Chinese New Year, say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year. Family is our cornerstone of Chinese society, and the annual reunion dinner makes the relationship amongst family closer.

Students who remained in school received the greetings from the school and teachers. Dr Andrew Chua hope there is plenty of warmth in our heart and wish everyone a happy Chinese new year!