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olevel enShi Shaowen chose EAIM because he saw reviews online that EAIM’s classes are conducted by English-speaking teachers and are delivered in high-tech classroom setting.“The teachers are very helpful and patient in helping us with our questions. They are strict with us during classes and detailed in following up with our study progress. I’m thankful to my teachers and parents for my good results.” Shi Shaowen has successfully enrolled into his choice of Mechanical Engineering in Singapore Polytechnic.

“I was very nervous because I only took the preparatory course for four months so I was worried that my preparation might not be sufficient.” she said. Hu Ying Ying has successfully enrolled into Singapore Polytechnic's Banking and Finance course, which is her first choice of study.

“I chose to study Banking and Finance partly because my family runs a business so I gained an interest in running a business from young.” Hu Ying Ying came to study in Singapore at East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM) upon recommendation from her mother's friend for EAIM's long history and reputation.

“The lecturers are very helpful and patient in answering my questions, and would always let us try different types of questions to prepare for the exam. When asked for any studying tips, she replied “I think it's important to have a target. Only when you have a target, you will know how to get to it and we should take action immediately. Because time waits for no one.”