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A long awaited celebration is finally here, 1,070 graduates were conferred their degrees from Aston University programmes, De Montfort University programmes, Cardiff Metropolitan University programmes, Queen Margaret University programmes and Heriot-Watt University - Edinburgh Business School programmes offered by East Asia Institution of Management (EAIM) in Singapore. 

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In keeping with the Commencement traditions and the proud ceremonial heritage of EAIM, the ceremony showcased the pageantry of the Ceremonial Procession, the Singapore National Anthem, addresses by academics from the five Universities, culminating in the highlight of the ceremony—the presentation of degrees and valedictory speeches. Graduates celebrated their achievements amidst the applause of family and friends, a momentous apogee of their time in EAIM.

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Speaking at the ceremony, EAIM Principal and Executive Chairman Dr. Andrew Chua reflected that graduates who are Competent, Confident, Committed and Creative become managers and leaders who are likely to efficiently discharge their responsibilities effectively. This is what the EAIM Vision and Mission and our Holistic Education Approach is all about. To produce graduates with the 4 Cs of Professional Success, who will become inspired and motivated achievers. 

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Photo 1

Ms July Ja Tawng, 
First Class Honours 
Bachelor of Science ( Honours) in Medical Bioscience
Aston University, Birmingham

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Ms Lou You Ee, 
First Class Honours 
Bachelor of Arts ( Honours) Accounting
Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Ms Denise Tan Yue Ting, 
Master of Business Administration ( Global )
De Montfort University

Photo 4

Mao Xunye, 
Master of Business Administration ( Chinese )
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School