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East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM) is the honoured organiser of The 4th China-ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance (CATEA) International Conference 2020/2021 at EAIM campus in Singapore.

CATEA is a non-governmental organisation with the primary role of fostering cooperation among tourism schools in China and ASEAN, upgrading educational quality and promoting economic and social prosperity in the region. It was founded in 2017, during the 10th China-ASEAN Exchange Week (CAEEW). EAIM is one of the founding members of the CATEA. The CATEA Secretariat is at Guilin Tourism University.
The theme of this year’s CATEA conference, Emerging Trends in Tourism: Impact on Toursm Education is designed to help the tourism industry get back on its feet after the impact of COVID-19.

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The conference provided an excellent platform for a strong and diverse academic exchange, with 27 research-based paper presentations under 4 panel sessions:
1. Thematic Tourism encompassed nature, heritage, cultural and spiritual aspects of tourism. Papers presented included “ASEAN Cultural and Spiritual Tourism”, “Forest Conservation Ecotourism”, and “Cultural and Heritage Tourism”.
2. Tourism Policy, Planning and Development. Papers presented included “Crisis and Disaster Management for Tourism”, “Women Empowerment to develop Rural Tourism through Food Home Industry”, and “E-human Resource in the Era of Smart Tourism and Gig Economy”.
3. Tourism in the Millennial Era. Papers included “Marketing Tourism Using Social Media Platforms”, “Big Data Analytics, AI, AR, VR”, “Synchronous Virtual Training: How Trainers in Singapore adapt to conduct training online during the COVID-19 pandemic”, and “Implications of Tourism Industry 4.0 on Chinese Tourism Development”.
4. Technology & Innovation. Papers presented focused on their impact in the promotion and delivery of value and experience-enhanced tourism projects and included “A Study on the Impact of E-commerce business in local enterprises in Thailand”, “Transforming Traditional Community to Actors of Tourism Industry 4.0”.

Missed the conference? Fret not! Click here to watch the entire conference at your convenience.