AGENDA : 4th CATEA International Conference 2020/2021

16 January 2021 (Saturday: 09:00 hrs – 14:00 hrs)

09:00am to 09:45am Opening Ceremony

 16 January 2021 (Saturday: 0900 hrs – 1330 hrs)





Opening Ceremony of 4th CATEA International Conference 2020/2021

  • Welcome address by Principal & Executive Chairman of East Asia Institute of Management, EAIM, Dr Andrew Chua
  • Speech by President of GTU and CATEA Secretariat Prof. Cheng Daoping
  • Speech by Hon. Chairman of TMIS, Mr Wong Soon Hwa

Performance : Opera Singing “ To Believe”
By Fayola Ryo Eldora ( Existing Student, EAIM)

EAIM Auditorium / Live Telecast



Outside EAIM Auditorum


International Conference PANEL1


Dr. Kalinga SeneviratneFormer Research Head, Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Topic : ASEAN Cultural and Spiritual Tourism

Anna Mae H. Panton, Student of Tourism Department, STI College – GEN. SANTOS INC, the Philippines, CATEA Member

Topic : Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Professor Datuk Seri Victor Wee Eng Lye, Professor, School of Hospitality Tourism & Events, Taylor’s University, Malaysia, CATEA Member
Topic : Chinese Pilgrims Contribution to Buddhist Tourism in India

Kyth D. Ante , Student of Tourism Department, STI College – GEN. SANTOS INC, the Philippines, CATEA Member

Topic : Opportunities and Challenges of Community based Tourism

Mr. Lim Kooi Fong, Founder, Founder / Owner, Bodhi Vision / Buddhist Travel, Malaysia

Topic : Towards Sustainable Development of Buddhist Tourism in SEA

Robiyatul Adawiyah, Lecturer and International Expert of World Skills Competition, Trisakti School of Tourism, Indonesia,  CATEA Member
Topic : Organic Antioxidant Infusion Drink by the Reusing of Grape Pomace : Turning Winery Waste into Profit

International Conference PANEL2


Dr. Gloria Baken Wong-Siy, Founder / President, AAHRMEI, the Philippines, CATEA Member
Topic : Cultural and Visionary Art for Tourism Development Through Collaboration and Partnership with ASEAN Countries

Dr. Choo Poh Wai, (delivered by Lim Tjie Siew) Assistant Professor, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC), Penang, Malaysia 
Topic : The Effect of Hotel Absorptive Capacity on Service Innovation: Knowledge-based Technology as Catalyst

Dr. Yun Lihong & Meisie Yang, Lecturers, East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore, CATEA Members

Topic : E-human Resource in the Era of Smart Tourism and Gig Economy

Tessina L. Nurtanio, Lecturer of Travel Department, Trisakti School of Tourism, Indonesia, CATEA Member

Topic : Women Empowerment to Develop Rural Tourism Through Food Home Industry:  Case Study Sakerta Timur Village, Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia

Jewel Mae L. Malone, Student of Tourism Department, STI College – GEN. SANTOS INC,  the Philippines, CATEA Member 

Topic : Crisis and Disaster Management for Tourism

Professor JS Perry Hobson, Sunway University,  School of Hospitality, Malaysia

Topic : From No Tourism to New Tourism: Re-thinking and Re-starting Tourism in a Post-COVID World”

International Conference PANEL3


Mr. Teo Puay Kim, Director Programmes and Business Operations, Tourism Management Institute of Singapore, Singapore, CATEA Member 
Topic : Synchronous Virtual Training – How Trainers in Singapore Adapts to Conducting Training Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ann Gilyn B. Premarion, College Dean  STI College – GEN. SANTOS INC, the Philippines, CATEA Member

Topic : One STI Learning Model: Delivering Tourism Education Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Glenna N. Albios, Dean  of Tourism Department, STI College– GEN. SANTOS INC, the Philippines, CATEA Member

Topic : How to Market Tourism Using Social Media Platforms, Big Data Analytics, AI, AR, VR

Mr. Zhou Yulin, Masters Student, East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore, CATEA Member

Topic : Implications of Tourism Industry 4.0 on Chinese Tourism Development : A Consumer Behavior Perspective

Rizqy Arya Pratama, Student of Trisakti School of Tourism, Indonesia, CATEA Member

Topic : The Effect of Brand Trust and Marketing Mix Strategy Towards 3,4, and 5 Rating Star Hotel Performance in Indonesia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mr. Norman Hassan, Lecturer, East Asia Institute of Management, Singapore, CATEA Member

Topic : Teaching Adult Learners in the New Millennial

Miss Shiela Mae J. Halasan, Student of Tourism Department, STI College – GEN. SANTOS INC, the Philippines, CATEA Member 

Topic : Social Media Marketing of Tourism

International Conference PANEL4


Professor Zhang Xianchun, Dean of Belt and Road International School, Guilin Tourism University (GTU), China, CATEA Secretariat
Topic : The Recovery of China - ASEAN International Tourism and the Action of Alliance

Ms. Lan Weidian, Undergraduate Student, North China Electric Power University, China

Topic : Chinese E-commerce Investment in Indonesia : A Persective of Symbiosis Theory

Mr. Jing Junchao, Masters Student, Trisakti School of Tourism, Indonesia, CATEA Member

Topic : Tourism Enterprise Operational Resilience Under the Impact of COVID-19

Mr. Brent Roi Gutierrez, Student of Tourism Department, Lyceum of the Philippines University, AAHRMEI, the Philippines, CATEA Member

Topic: Tourism Impact to the Municipality of Taal: Basis for Sustainable Development

Miss Dianne O. Acosta, Student of Tourism Department, STI COLLEGE – GEN. SANTOS INC, the Philippines, CATEA Member 
Topic: Transforming Traditional Community to Actors of Tourism Industry 4.0

Ms Zhang Wenjuan, Student, Guilin Tourism University (GTU), China, CATEA Secretariat

Topic : A Study on the Impact of E-commerce Business to Local Enterprises in Thailand

Li Yuwen, Director of Higer Education Program,Webster Education Group

Topic: The Role of Enterprise in the Innovation and Development of China-ASEAN Tourism Education in the Post Pandemic Era


The China - ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance (CATEA)

Initiated by the ASEAN-China Center and Guilin Tourism University along with another 18 tourism schools and enterprises in China and ASEAN, the China-ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance (CATEA) is a non-governmental organization established on the voluntary basis.

The alliance is aimed to assist the “Belt and Road Initiative” and construct the China - ASEAN tourism education community as 2017 is the China -ASEAN Tourism Year. To promote the cooperation between tourism schools in China and ASEAN and upgrade the educational quality, the alliance is also created to better serve the China - ASEAN Tourism cooperation, the economic development and social prosperity in this region.

The founding members signed the Declaration of the Alliance Establishment during the 10th China ASEAN Education Exchange Week, which marked the founding of the CATEA. The Secretariat of the Alliance sets up at Guilin Tourism University.


Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign city-state and island country located in maritime Southeast Asia. Singapore lies about one degree of latitude (137 kilometres or 85 miles) north of the equator, and is situated off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, and, by extension, the southernmost extremity of continental Eurasia. The island country shares its southern maritime border with Indonesia's Riau Islands, its northern, western, and eastern maritime borders with the Johor state of Peninsular Malaysia, and is in the vicinity of Sumatra to its west and Borneo to its east. It is enveloped by the littoral waters of the Johore Strait to its north and the Singapore Strait to its south, and is geographically positioned within the confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, being bounded by the Malacca Strait to its west and the South China Sea to its east. The country's territory is composed of one main island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and one outlying islet, the combined area of which has increased by almost 25% since the country's independence as a result of extensive land reclamation projects.


Over the past 30 years, Singapore has established a reputation as a centre of educational excellence in terms of the quality of local and international institutions located here, as well as its attraction to international students as part of the Global Schoolhouse initiative. At East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM), we are proud to be part of this development in attracting local and International students. Consistent with our founding vision to be a world-class educational institution, we put in place, at the onset, robust structures, systems and processes, and established both the Academic Board and the Examination Board to ensure academic rigor of our programmes and integrity of our examination system. Today, we are a premier private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore, offering a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across major disciplines. In addition to our Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes, we are collaborating with 4 universities from the UK – Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt University), De Montfort University and Aston University to offer Bachelor's and Master's Degree programmes. Our range of programmes includes Hospitality & Tourism Management, Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Business Information Systems, Marketing, Medical Bioscience, Psychology and many more. With the inception of the Council for Private Education under the Private Education Act in December 2009, EAIM was among the first batch of few PEIs to be awarded the inaugural 4-year Edutrust certification. It had successfully renewed both the ERF and EduTrust Certification throughout the years. If you have the aspiration to succeed, your learning journey with us could be a fruitful and enriching experience. We are confident that the transnational and employability-centered education you receive at EAIM will equip you with the 4Cs for professional success – i.e to become a graduate who is Competent, Confident, Creative and Committed

About The Tourism Management Institute of Singapore ( TMIS )

The Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) is the Official Training Arm of the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS). It was established in 1987 to upgrade the professionalism, service and productivity of the travel and tourism industry. Over the years, TMIS has evolved to become a notable training provider that provides industry related training and skills upgrading for those who aspire to join the travel and tourism industry.

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